About Tom

My name is Tom Clarke and I have the strong interest in fashion and hip-hop jewelry. I share my love for Hip-Hop and fashion. In this blog, I also made some tips and the basics of wearing a jewelry for men. Don’t be alarmed and don’t be frightened because the rules for men are only very few, yet but few these laws of fashion are inviolable. In general, men’s jewelry pieces consist mostly of metal; the most popular among these metals are silver and gold. But as a rule, it is a big no-no that you mix and match these metals. Think of it as stripes and plaids. No one wears plaid shorts with a striped shirt. In the same manner, avoid pairing your silver rings with a gold watch and vice versa.

Another thing, be original and wear jewelry that suits your taste. The purpose of any form of jewelry is to accentuate your style. Always know that you can never change who you are deep down by immersing yourself with bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Your jewelry should be a direct reflection of who you are as a person and your taste in fashion. The jewelry you choose can influence those around you on how they perceive you so choose it well and be honest about it. Hope you will find more useful tips on my blog! You can also check my lookbook for the best hip-hop jewelry in the game.

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