How to Wear Jewelry Like a Real Man

How to Wear Jewelry Like a Real Man

Less is more: this is the rule of thumb for men who like to sports jewelry. A lot of men think that adorning their bodies with jewelry pieces would make them look attractive. Well, if they look attractive in their eyes it doesn’t mean everyone around them would agree. When it comes to men’s jewelry, less is most definitely more. Men’s jewelry not only says a lot about his personality, it will also be about how people will receive him. Any type of jewelry you put on your body should be more than just an accent, it has to mean something to you. Whatever it is that you decide to wear, your choice has to be timeless, memorable and classy. This article will help you find the right style for your jewelry so you will look classy instead of tacky.

The Basics In Wearing Jewelry

Don’t be alarmed and don’t be frightened because the rules for men are only very few, yet but few these laws of fashion are inviolable. In general, men’s jewelry pieces consist mostly of metal; the most popular among these metals are silver and gold. But as a rule, it is a big no-no that you mix and match these metals. Think of it as stripes and plaids. No one wears plaid shorts with a striped shirt. In the same manner, avoid pairing your silver rings with a gold watch and vice versa.

More importantly, the first thing that you have to consider is that your jewelry has to match your outfit. Above all else, this is the most important thing you need to keep in mind. If you are the big fan of deep blues and earth tones a gold watch can serve as the perfect outfit for this color scheme. Neutral tones and silver go well with all types of color although they would definitely make a statement with grays and blacks.

  • Rings

The most common ring you’ll see a man wear is a wedding ring. Most wedding rings tailored for men often have a solitary, solid color. There are no specific occasions for a man to wear his wedding ring so whether he is on his casual denim and a shirt, a wedding ring will not look out of place. Or if he is in his corporate suit and tie attire, a wedding ring will still look good as an accent to his overall ensemble.

Although college rings are considered acceptable on several occasions, your high school ring should be kept away and preserved for your grandchildren. You championship rings should be worn during homecoming and reunions with your former teammates. If you got yourself a championship ring that you didn’t earn don’t be the douche that wears it proudly during reunions.

If you own several rings don’t be crazy enough to wear all of them at once. A rule of thumb that you need to keep in mind is to wear only one ring for every ten fingers.

  • Necklaces

If you want to look fashionable don’t go for the overly ornamented necklace. If you want to look classy, stick with the simple necklace designs. A typical man’s necklace should hang loose below his collarbones. The chains that make up his necklace have to be dense enough that it won’t look too delicate on a man’s neck. But it also should not be thick enough to make you look like you just robbed a jewelry shop.

With the fashion industry continually evolving, men’s necklaces are perceived as an acceptable form of men’s jewelry and are suitable to be worn in all places even in the workplace. But you have to wear it with caution, especially with beaded necklaces. Beaded necklaces should be worn only during certain occasions, unlike your chain necklace where you can wear it anytime and anywhere. You can unleash your surfer-self by wearing your beaded necklaces in social settings but don’t wear them in your office. If you want people to respect you, you have to dress up appropriately.

If you want to wear a pendant with your necklace make sure that the pendant you choose is appropriate for both content and size. An average pendant should not be bigger than half a dollar.

The Star of David, Zodiac signs and crosses are other pendants that are seen worn by men but just make sure you don’t include dollar signs and the logo of the Playboy Bunny as part of your collection.

But the most important rule of all when it comes to necklace etiquette isn’t really about the accessory per se. You have to know that no matter what you do or how to fit you think you look, never ever unbutton your shirt so far down that everyone can see you kinky chest hair. This is a big no-no for men fond of wearing necklaces with pendants. Remember, this was popular in the 1970s yet despite its popularity it still didn’t look good. It didn’t look nice then, it still hasn’t changed now.

  • Watches

Another rule of thumb is that every man should have at least two to three watches that are fit for all occasions. You need to have a classy and sophisticated watch for formal occasions. If a watch has less flair it’s likely to look appropriate for formal events or for work. You also need to have a fancy watch. This type of watch can come with a plain leather band and a plain interface with Arabic or Roman numerals.

Your third watch should be a metal watch. Your metal watch is suitable for everyday wear and you can especially use it at work. The nice thing about a metal watch is that you can wear it to work and after work if you want to go out and party at nightclubs. Metal watches look good if you are sporting a coat or a suit. Digital watches, watches with plastic bands or cloth bands should only be worn exclusively in casual settings. You definitely wouldn’t wear your gold Rolex to your baseball game so don’t wear your ordinary Casio to a friend’s wedding.

  • Bracelets

Lately, you’ll see a lot of men wearing bracelets. If you want a bracelet that is made from metal chains ensure that the chain is dense enough that it complements your wrist. It has to be thick enough that it would look good when you wear it. It’s pretty obvious that men look ridiculous with charm bracelets so don’t even think about buying yourself one.

There are also those who wear medical identification bracelets. These bracelets are more inclined to practicality rather than fashion. However, if your physical insists that you wear your medical ID bracelet, wear it on your dominant hand opposite your watch.

If you like cause bracelets because you think these are fun to wear, the piece of advice only wears one if you are a real supporter. You wouldn’t want to be embarrassed when people start asking you the meaning behind it and you can’t give a straight answer.

Paracord bracelets are made out of interlaced parachute cord. Paracord bracelets are the first bracelets used by military members in cases of emergency. If you are not the outdoorsy type then this shouldn’t be your option.

  • Piercings

Times have indeed changed. Two decades ago it would be ridiculous to see men with piercings most especially in the professional world. But fashion has come a long way and most men today are now seen with piercings. However, just because men can don earrings doesn’t mean they can wear whatever they want. There are still limitations on the kinds of piercings that are considered fashionably acceptable.

If your workplace has strict rules that suggest you only wear tasteful jewelry then you’ll have to stick with simple ear piercings like a pair of studs. This means that piercings are limited only to your ears so you can’t have piercings on your eyebrows, nose, tongue and lips, although these could change in the near future.

  • Business Jewelry

Jewelry also has a practical purpose when in the professional world. Most corporate professionals invest in business jewelry for practicality and for them to look good. Examples of such include a tie bar and a lapel pin; just make sure that you don’t wear both at the same time, though.

Tie chains and tie bars are sophisticated accessories that serve two purposes; one is that it helps keep your ties in place and two it makes you look fashionable. Tie bars are conspicuous when you are wearing a suit coat. Your tie chains, on the other hand, are attached to the button on your shirt and it should not be visible. Tie tacks are not advised because in tie tacks you need to pierce a hole through your new tie and there’s a chance that it might ruin your tie.

Cuff links are also popularly worn with double cuffs or French cuffs. Cuff links are simple and they are often metallic which makes them suitable for formal occasions. But this depends on your workplace. If your workplace isn’t very strict then you can wear more fun and exciting cuff links besides the classic metallic ones.

A piece of reminding, shirt studs is only worn during black tie events. So make sure that you don’t wear them on a regular basis.

  • Religious and Ethnic Jewelry

Here’s a simple truth that not a lot of people know about. Religious jewelry has more to do with meaning than on ornamentation, the same goes for ethnic jewelry. People wear them because there is a special meaning attached to them. Here’s a little something to remember when shopping for religious and/or ethnic jewelry, Spartan or simple jewelry pieces are timeless but the jeweled ones can come off as pretentious.

If you really want to sport religious jewelry or ethnic jewelry then you should follow the following guidelines. Wear your Star of David pendants, rosaries, and prayer beads according to your religious teachings. If you bought religious jewelry just for the heck of it even if you do not belong to that particular faith my advice is that you don’t. Please be sensitive and be considerate to those belonging to that faith and give these jewelry pieces the respect they deserve. The last thing you’d want to do is to insult someone of that faith just because you think it looks nice to wear.

Lastly, just be you. Be original and wear jewelry that suits your taste. The purpose of any form of jewelry is to accentuate your style. Always know that you can never change who you are deep down by immersing yourself with bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Your jewelry should be a direct reflection of who you are as a person and your taste in fashion. The jewelry you choose can influence those around you on how they perceive you so choose it well and be honest about it.

Where Can You Buy Men’s Jewelry?

Like any other jewelry, you can always find a men’s jewelry both online and offline. By online it means you need to look for trusted e-commerce websites since jewelry comes with a high price. So if you don’t want to end up losing money and not getting anything in return (think of scams and fake websites) then it’s best if you do your research well. One of the trusted jewelry stores found on the Internet is Niv’s Bling. You can look it up in search engine sites and if you click on their site you will be directed to their landing page where you will find an array of jewelry pieces that are all for sale.

But if you feel secure to shop for men’s jewelry where you can actually fit the jewelry yourself. If you still don’t know if the will design to suit you then you should visit brick-and-mortar shops so you can see the actual men’s jewelry and see how it will contrast with your skin. There are also a lot of retail stores in shopping malls and even in the city.

The advantage though if you opt to shop for jewelry pieces online especially if it’s already your second or third time to make a purchase in the same shop is that it’s so convenient. You don’t have to drive all the way to the mall and stress yourself out looking for a parking space since if it’s done online all you have to do is to fire up your computer, click on the icon for the Internet and start shopping for jewelry. Anther nice thing about shopping online like in Niv’s Bling is that everything is already ironed out for you so all you have to do is to click on specific categories. So if you are looking for customized men’s necklaces, you click on the customized men’s necklaces area or if you are after bracelets all you have to do is to look for the label that says bracelets the same goes for earrings, rings, and anklets. There are also online e-commerce stores that will help you filter out what you want. Like you can even choose the type of metal used, the type of style and the type of jewelry.

So go ahead and enjoy shopping for jewelry just keep these rules in mind the next time you go on a shopping splurge so your money will be channeled to the right jewelry and not the inappropriate ones.