The Most Popular Necklaces for Men

The Most Popular Necklaces for Men

Growing up in a house filled with men, having three brothers and a dad who loves jewelry as much as I do I’ve become very adept at differentiating between different necklace styles. Before I was only exposed to women’s necklace like the ones I see my mom wear or the necklaces she gives me as presents during my birthdays. But I had no idea that men could also wear necklaces.

The very first time I knew that there were jewelry necklaces tailored for men was when I saw my dad bought one as a reward to himself when he got his promotion. My dad bought a shimmering gold necklace and it was the very first masculine necklace I saw in my entire life. Over time, I was slowly being exposed to men’s jewelry. When my brothers moved out, found new jobs and had money on their own, they also took after my parents’ apparent obsession for jewelry. Each one of them had their own unique styles. Since a lot of people don’t know much about men’s jewelry I decided to make an article out of it to inform others about the most popular necklaces bespoke for men.

Some of the most in demand necklace styles for men are the classic designs. Compared to women’s jewelry necklaces, men’s necklaces are chunkier, heavier and are more robust. Men’s necklaces also vary some are designed for casual wear while others are best worn when donning on formal attire. Some men prefer to wear necklaces to add glimmer to their look or these necklaces could be tributes to people, places, and their beliefs.

The following are some of the most popular necklaces designed for men that you’ll likely encounter when visiting jewelry stores.

  • The Classic Chain Necklace

The majority of men prefer the classic chain design. The classic chain although it looks very simple can add a touch of bling to any outfit. Most men prefer this necklace because it is highly versatile. Chains can be worn even if you are wearing swim trunks or tuxedos. Many men prefer the big gold chains but if you look for other designs you’ll be amazed at how attractive they look even in black. A typical classic chain necklace has to be long enough to hang loosely from your neck so knowing your neck size is very important if you want to a buy a classic chain. There are other styles available at Niv’s Bling that is sold at very affordable prices.

  • Shells Necklace

Are shell necklaces a far cry from the classic chain necklaces and the difference? Well if your classic chain screams of elegance your shell necklace is reminiscent of fun and the sun at the beach. This is a classic favorite among island lovers and surfers. My second brother who loves to spend most of his waking days at the beach or if not, daydreams of living on a deserted island has a remarkable collection of shell necklaces. If you set foot inside his room you’ll think you’ve just stepped inside an island resort. His shell necklaces come in different patterns and colors. All of them even have varied lengths. Some are worn short like a choker while others are hanging loose and are worn atop a tank shirt.

  • Symbols of Religious Beliefs

My eldest brother is the religious one so most of his jewelry accessories consist of symbols of his faith. He’s the serious type but despite him being the silent one he always makes it a point to accessorize. His collections of necklaces range from the typical crosses to religious medals, to peace signs and even stars of David. And yes, he has all those and more. What fascinates me the most is that every necklace is made from a different material. There are some necklaces that are made of gold, others made of silver and still others of different colors.

  • Amulet Necklaces

When it comes to necklaces our youngest is the collector of amulets. For some reason, his amulets represent something special to him. Examples of amulets include symbols of his favorite icons, his national heritage, mementos of his travel experiences as well his connections to organizations and groups. Among us, he is the one who is the most socially involved. My brother is active in almost every civic group or organization in our community. And because of this, he attributed his collections to his interests. This explains why he is fond of collecting amulet necklaces.

  • Leather Necklaces

My personal favorite is leather necklaces. While my brothers are more of the shells type and the amulets type and the religious type, I on the other hand, like something laid back and casual. Most of my leather necklaces are made from natural materials that although they soften and stretch and wear a little overtime I still prefer them to others because this is the type of necklace that really speaks for my laid back and relaxed style. In the market you’ll find that most leather items are very casual in terms of appearance and they can be worn even without any decorations or charms yet despite having none of those it can still look attractive and that’s what I like most about it. Leather can also get wet and since I’m the sweaty type, this necklace suits me best. But a caveat, leather necklaces or anything that is made of leather like a leather bracelet can have an odor or it can fade on fabrics so just be careful.

  • Rope Necklaces

Another popular necklace that I love to collect is the rope necklace. Since aside from me being a casual person I’m also very adventurous and I like to go outdoors. During weekends, I make it a point to unwind and by unwinding I mean go out on an adventure. My idea of adventure involved trekking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, biking, and swimming. I love to take long drives whether I’m driving a truck or an ordinary car it doesn’t matter. I like to take sunny vacations with my bike and it’s because of these that I started collecting rope necklaces. Rope necklaces go well with any t-shirt and since I’m a huge fan of t-shirts you’ll always see me donning on rope necklaces. Actually, I just alternate them with my leather necklaces depending on my mood. The one thing I like about rope necklaces and why my collection grew so fast within a year is because of its price. It’s very inexpensive and it comes in a number of designs.

Where Can You Buy Men’s Necklaces?

Like any other jewelry, you can always find men’s necklaces both online and offline. By online it means you need to look for trusted e-commerce websites since jewelry comes with a high price. So if you don’t want to end up losing money and not getting anything in return (think of scams and fake websites) then it’s best if you do your research well. One of the trusted jewelry stores found on the Internet is Niv’s Bling. You can look it up in search engine sites and if you click on their site you will be directed to their landing page where you will find an array of jewelry pieces that are all for sale.

But if you feel secure to shop for men’s necklaces then you should visit brick-and-mortar shops so you can see the necklaces yourself. There are also a lot of retail stores in shopping malls and even in the city.

The advantage though if you opt to shop for jewelry pieces online especially if it’s already your second or third time to make a purchase in the same shop is that it’s so convenient. You don’t have to drive all the way to the mall and stress yourself out looking for a parking space since if it’s done online all you have to do is to fire up your computer, click on the icon for the Internet and start shopping for jewelry. Anther nice thing about shopping online like in Niv’s Bling is that everything is already ironed out for you so all you have to do is to click on specific categories. So if you are looking for men’s necklaces, you click on the customized men’s necklaces area or if you are after bracelets all you have to do is to look for the label that says bracelets the same goes for earrings, rings, and anklets. There are also online e-commerce stores that will help you filter out what you want. Like you can even choose the type of metal used, the type of style and the type of jewelry.

I asked my brothers where they buy their necklaces and they said they just buy it online. But if they have the time to visit jewelry stores they would. The only problem is that sometimes retail stores in the city charge so much probably because they include the rent as well as the overhead expense in their tags that’s why they charge more.

I shopped at Niv’s Bling a couple of times and I loved the necklaces I bought. All of them actually and the prices are really reasonable. My piece of advice for those who want to shop online is to make sure that the website you are visiting is a trusted site because if not you’ll run the risk of losing your money. There are a lot of people who take advantage of gullible shoppers online. Some of them even go out of their way to create fake websites to lure you. Because of the convenience that e-commerce websites offer, people would easily send in their money without verifying if the person they transacted with is indeed legitimate. I suggest you ask your friends for help. If they know a particular site that is trustworthy go ahead and give it a shot but if the website is unfamiliar to you or if none of your friends’ have heard of it just stick to your gut feeling and find another one. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

Men’s necklaces are everywhere compared before where the market is predominated by women’s jewelry accessories. So basically, it’s easier to look for your favorite jewelry necklace now compared before. And with the fast-paced growth of the fashion industry, the options and the styles for men’s necklaces have become so diverse to suit all your fashion needs. You can even look up styles and outfits online so you can have an idea what outfits look best when paired with your necklaces. Today, shopping for men’s necklaces have become quite a breeze.